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Nature is the essence of our vineyard.
Organic culture is the premise for the quality of our products.
Organically cultivated

Our cultivation methods, as well as the wine itself, are certified organic by ECOCERT. Vineyard operations are carried out manually. The tilling of the soil, in which the vines are growing, is done by horse and plow. The vineyard is surrounded by trees which protect the vines from outside influences.

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Preparation has begun for a new plot of vines to be planted this spring. Denis Malet and crew are hard at work with their impressive tractors and invaluable expertise, loosening the soil and removing large rocks and debris. When April arrives, we will be prepared to plant about 2,000 new starts of our customary grape […]

Harvest 2019

The team was already on the job at 3 a.m. on this cool, damp Saturday morning.  We collected the Rolle-Vermentino grapes before the temperatures got too warm, followed by the reds: Syrah, Cinsault and Cabernet. The work was conducted using sanitary quality controls of harvest. Everything was healthy and ripe to the point predicted by […]

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My life’s dream, this is it.
The wine is great!

Philippe V.Paris

Thank you for this exciting day and congratulations on this magnificent enterprise.

Françoise M.
Françoise M.Monaco