Our vineyard

A small paradise nestled in a small Draguignan  valley, located between Lorgues and Flayosc, Les Terres Blanches is a small winery focused on the production of quality wines.

This project was born from a dream and nourished by a growing interest in the pleasure of wine tasting that has blossomed into the discovery of techniques, terrains, grape varieties, and the alchemy that transforms all these factors into the elixir of wine. A passion was kindled for the creation of a product rich in both taste and olfactory sensations. During these years of exploration, we met with numerous professionals who have developed successful wineries of their own. These exchanges, very often during tasting sessions, have always been enriching, both in terms of the discovery of wines and their production and the history of these neo-winemakers who share our passion for vines and wines.

From this shared passion was born our desire to create a wine with character. For this we charged Mr. Emmanuel GAUJAL, renowned enologist in the Var, with the mission of guiding us in the creation of this new vineyard. From the choice of plants, the care to be taken in the cultivation of the vines, the approach and blending of grape varieties to respecting the requirements necessary for the creation of a quality wine, he has guided use toward the realization of our dream.

The estate, located on land classified A.O.C., is perfectly disposed for the activity of wine making. Our grape varieties, Syrah, Rolle, Cinsault and Cabernet Sauvignon, thrive in this terrain.

Mindful about respecting the environment, we wanted to develop a wine we could confidently label, “Organic”.

Since 2015, we have been producing white, rosé and red wines of protected quality. Biodiversity is a component of our property. We are committed to developing this because, beyond the environmental value, it contributes to the beauty of the landscape.